In the world of VoIP, there’s no shortage of interesting stories making the news each week. At SpectrumVoIP, we like to stay informed about the latest developments and share our insights. This is our news roundup for November-December 2017, summarizing the top VoIP news headlines that grabbed our attention over the past two months. 1. Sprint Sues Mediacom Over Alleged VoIP Patent Violations Mediacom is the latest organization to be

Software-Defined Security (SDS) One of dozens of buzzwords making the rounds, software-defined security is an umbrella term for several related security approaches and solutions. Touted by enthusiasts as the “new wave of network security,” Software Defined Security is a flexible and increasingly popular way to secure data centers, workloads and containers. Software Defined Security enables administrators to deploy protocols company wide with easily adjustable network security maps from a software

Transitioning your telephone system to Voice over IP might feel like a daunting prospect, when you consider the broad range of on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions on the market. But with the right approach it can actually be quite a straightforward process. Still trying to get your team on-board and switch to VoIP? To decide which type of VoIP system will work best for your business, follow our simple guide to

Firewalls—they’re pretty boring, right? How many times have you yawned at the mention of these essential but unexciting devices? That might have been true in the past. But, did you know that even next-gen firewalls are subject to hype and might be on the road to extinction?   Hackers, Firewalls and AI For many IT admins and developers, a traditional firewall is a thing of the past—it’s vulnerable, inefficient and downright clunky. After all,

Welcome to another foray into VoIP-related technology and the hype that surrounds it. This time, we’re reviewing end-to-end encryption of phone calls, messages, video and audio VoIP content—what encryption is, how it works and who needs it. Different Levels of VoIP Security VoIP communications (phone calls, video and messaging) are being widely adopted to provide a higher level of protection needed for mobile communications. Proprietary VoIP implementations found in mobile