Call ManagementCall Management Features for Business

Customize your business phone service so your associates or customers have a pleasant and productive experience contacting you. Collaborate seamlessly, unify your communication and ensure you don’t miss any calls with the most advanced call management features at your agent or teams command. Keep your call manager informed with a superior office phone system.

Answering Rules – Answering rules give you a business phone system with the flexibility to work around any schedule. Based on a range of options like routing calls for your company’s main number, individual extensions, and mailboxes. Keeping productivity high for your call center, agency or small business.

Call Forwarding – Always be in the right place at the right time to take calls. Call forwarding is completely transparent to the caller and makes it possible for your company to be on call all the time.

Call Recording/Automatic/On-Demand – Set your phone system to automatically record inbound and outbound calls for individual users or inbound calls for departments. You can easily playback and download recordings anytime or turn your recording feature on or off at your convenience.

Presence – Whether you’re using your desk IP phone, the mobile app, or a softphone, you can now share your presence status; available, busy, or on hold with your admins or colleagues. Easy to configure and manage, presence across devices is a unique feature only available through SpectrumVoIP.

Call Flip – With call Flip you can simply move an ongoing call between your desk phone, mobile phone, or softphone. Call Flip is simple to set up. It offers flexibility for your call handling and call management.

Call Park – Parking a call allows your call manager to hold calls in a virtual location to retrieve them from any desk IP phone in your system. We also support drag and drop to park calls via a web portal.

Call Screening -Take complete control over who can reach your company. Whether it be inbound calls from particular callers, blocking specific numbers on your cloud phone system or sending others directly to voicemail.

Shared Lines – Share one phone number across multiple phones and answer calls from any business phone.

Intercom – With intercom you can make announcements to multiple desk phones on our system and to colleagues across all your business office locations.

Paging – Paging lets you make real-time one-way announcements to multiple office phones and overhead paging devices.

Call Logging – Call logs to keep a complete record of all you’re call management and fax activity – from conference calls to cold calling.  View the name of the caller and number or extension dialed. As well as the time, date and duration of the call.

Message Alerts – For voice messages get instant notification via email, SMS , popsups for mobile or desktop.

Missed Call Notifications – Get notified on your phone system, web portal or mobile application when you miss a call.

Conference Calls/Meetings – Boost your team efficiency with one click screen sharing from your desktop, mobile application, websites, files and more. Reduce unproductive travels or downtime with video conference calls or have up to 100 people in an audio conference call with local dial and support.


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