Dec 2018

What is UCaaS?

What is UCaaS? You might have heard or read the acronym UCaaS in various places, but maybe you’re not 100 percent familiar with what it is yet. In short, UCaaS is the acronym for Unified Communications as a Service, which is just a title for communication services and collaboration applications that are hosted in the cloud. Benefits of Cloud Services like Unified Communications In today’s advanced age, it should come

On-Premise vs Hosted As a business owner, you likely already know how important it is to have a sound business phone system in place. Unified Communications decisions are some of the most important decisions that you’ll make concerning your business. VoIP is one of the most innovative technologies in business communications systems, but there are different delivery methods for it, and before you choose the best system for your business,

Benefits of using VoIP for Business The affordability and availability of Hosted PBX phone service have inspired many business owners to switch from conventional or analog phone systems to VoIP; which is a type of calling that uses broadband Internet for digital communications. Using the internet to make phone calls comes with a variety of benefits, and it’s even become popular with residential users in need of affordable and multi-functional

VoIP Facts and Common Myths Debunked No matter what type of business you run, communication is critical to your success. In today’s fast moving marketplace, your employees require the ability to collaborate effectively, in real time, with colleagues, clients and business partners around the world. Without the appropriate voice, video and text-based communication tools, your business can quickly lose ground to competitors. Voice over IP has proven to be one of

Transitioning your telephone system to Voice over IP might feel like a daunting prospect, when you consider the broad range of on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions on the market. But with the right approach it can actually be quite a straightforward process. Still trying to get your team on-board and switch to VoIP? To decide which type of VoIP system will work best for your business, follow our simple guide to