eFax Fax (short for facsimile) refers to the transmission of documents to a remote printing device via the telephone network. The document is captured as a single graphic image, converted to bitmap format, and transmitted using audio-frequency tones. The receiving machine reconstructs and prints the image. The process was invented by Alexander Bain in the 1840s and was originally called the ‘Electric Printing Telegraph’. To this day, we still need

Quality of Service for IP Phones QoS (Quality of Service) describes a concept whereby data bandwidth and error rates can be measured, improved and guaranteed. QoS is especially important to real-time traffic like voice and streaming multimedia, where any data loss or delay would result in unacceptable audio or image quality. Delivering sufficient QoS is an essential aspect of modern IP networks. Delay-sensitive applications typically use UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

What is Traffic Shaping? Traffic shaping (also known as bandwidth shaping or packet shaping) is a method of regulating network data flows to ensure a consistent throughput or quality of service (QoS) for specific applications. It involves delaying the transfer of low-priority packets while expediting the transfer of high-priority packets to achieve a desired traffic profile. Restricting the flow of incoming packets is called bandwidth throttling or bandwidth policing, and restricting the flow