Cloud PBX Cost Savings for Business

One of the first questions we’re asked by customers is “How much will VoIP cost my business?” and ” will there be any cost savings with a VoIP system?”

In particular, customers are concerned with the upfront VoIP cost of handsets. After all, dozens of shiny new cutting-edge office telephone systems are bound to be expensive, right? Wrong! In fact, we can tell you right now that the upfront cost with a SpectrumVoIP business phone system is exactly zero. That’s right, nothing at all, which means cost savings! Our all-inclusive fixed monthly pricing covers the cost of all equipment, installation, as well as 24×7 technical support. So, you’re saying not only do I receive all my equipment, plus installation, I can contact technical support at any hour? Sounds like more cost savings. Yes! That’s why there are no surprises and no hidden costs. All you need to worry about is which VoIP handsets to choose.

Low Rate VoIP Phone System

We offer a wide range of basic, premium and executive VoIP phones. You can also use our ‘virtual extension’ technology to convert any existing smartphone or computer into a fully functional VoIP handset – ideal for remote and mobile workers. At SpectrumVoIP, cost savings is one of the primary benefits of our hosted VoIP solution. We provide exceptional office phone systems at low costs to customers. Our low monthly fees are guaranteed to reduce your organization’s telecommunications costs while boosting employee productivity.

We manage all updates, maintenance, security requirements and training, so you can free up staff who would otherwise be needed to manage or maintain your ageing legacy phone system – further increasing your cost savings. So instead of asking, “How much will Voice over IP cost my business?” the real question you need to ask is “How much cost savings will I have?”


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