Internet Phone Service FeaturesInternet Phone Service Features

The power of an enterprise-class internet phone service without the cost and complexity of PBX hardware. With an easy setup, you can access your cloud system and manage remote teams from anywhere; as if they were in the same room.

Empower your employees with exclusive insight to call performance or accessing their business phone and fax at different locations. It’s simple, our internet phone service works the way you do!

Auto Attendant, Auto Receptionist – Every local or toll-free SpectrumVoIP number includes Auto-Receptionist or Auto- Attendant, which
greets and identifies callers and directs calls anywhere.

Role-Based Access Control Web Portal Management – Enable your admins to assign roles to users and grant permissions to access the VoIP phone system. SpectrumVoIP gives you the flexibility to select or define roles to quicken the on-boarding process and enforce your company’s security policy.

User Templates – Create and apply batch configurations to multiple users at once—which saves time by reducing
repetitive, manual tasks and streamlines your administrative routine.

Call Reports – Generate historical call analysis and trending metrics to gain insights into call usage and help improve your
business, call center or agents performance.

Music on Hold, Message on Hold – Keep callers entertained and informed with music and messages while they’re on

Extensions – Extensions create a flexible structure that incorporates employees at local and satellite offices, wherever
they are. Edit, add or remove extensions anytime.

Dial by Name Directory – Dial-by-Name Directory gives your business phone system the feel and functionality of a
system run by a Fortune 500 company.

Call Monitoring, Call Coaching, Call Break-In – An effective business and training tool to improve employee
performance and productivity. Authorized users can listen in on employee calls with clients to monitor the conversation,
provide coaching, and facilitate discussion.

Global Office – Simplify the management of your cloud phone system across all your offices and locations.


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