Dec 2018

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communication as a Service

What is UCaaS?

You might have heard or read the acronym UCaaS in various places, but maybe you’re not 100 percent familiar with what it is yet. In short, UCaaS is the acronym for Unified Communications as a Service, which is just a title for communication services and collaboration applications that are hosted in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Services like Unified Communications

In today’s advanced age, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are beginning to host communications in the cloud. Cloud services are easy to use, and they offer your business the flexibility of being able to operate from anywhere at any time. For instance, with cloud services, you can operate your business phone system even when you’re not in your business’s physical office location. You can accomplish all your business need with cloud technology, no matter where you are.

Unified Communications Eliminates IT Teams

One of the most expensive departments of a business is the IT department. This is certainly the case if you have to devote some of your funds to pay for an in-house information technology team, to ensure systems up and working properly. When you make the switch to Unified Communications services, you can reduce the need for costly IT teams or services. Which frees more resources that can be devoted to other aspects of the business.

UCaaS Cloud Services Features

Some of the services exclusive to Unified Communications are:

  • Enterprise messaging
  • Presence technology
  • Online meetings
  • Team collaboration
  • Telephony conferencing
  • Video conferencing

All of these services can help alleviate business communications pain points, increase profitability and ultimately help the bottom line.

Types of UCaaS

There are two primary types of Unified Communications:

Single-Tenancy Unified Communications

Single-Tenant architecture consists of each user having his or her own platform. It tends to be a bit more expensive than multi-tenant communications. However, it’s more customizable and flexible to a users’ needs. It’s considered to be the most secure and stable UCaaS option.

Multiple-Tenancy Unified Communications

Multi-Tenant architecture consists of multiple users sharing the same platform. Since the communication platform is shared, it’s more cost effective to go this route. However, more redundancy and support is needed for this type of architecture than for single-tenancy.

UCaaS is Scalable

UCaaS offers more scalability and flexibility for business. It allows small to large businesses to easily expand and operate on a grander scale. Not only that, it serves as a form of disaster recovery. Instead of customers having to buy and maintain their infrastructure, they can do it with one with UCaaS technology.

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